Love for Food Love for Food Chef Callie Preparing blueberries that we picked fresh from the bush. About to make ice cream! 146013400 Christmas Cookies This picture does not show the face of my children or grandchildren but these cookies, Peanut Blossoms, are their favorites!!!! If you look real close, you can see them smile!!! LOL!!!! 146174657 Christmas Breakfast Don making breakfast for us. 146353696 Cooking dinner Just another day cooking dinner for the family. 146602508 Flour child Coco playing with flour. For some reason it just seemed a lot more interesting up close. Annnnnd then she started rolling around in it... 146949230 the thought that counts my moms sad attempt at a homemade birthday cake 147403250 seattle fish market 147403251 i've got crabs.. 147403252 Curds and Whey Cheese making in seattle 147403253 Childrens playground/garden 147403254 childrens playground/garden 147403255 Blackberries 147403256 Look Mom 147403257 Fresh Picked 147403258 mmm spaghetti is his favorite 147403259 Umi Saki House 147403260 Sixth Generation Tamales My great-great grandparents moved from Oklahoma to California looking for fortune. They came back with tamales. As a child I remember the whole family getting together outside to roll tamales. It took all day, sometimes two and was exhausting but we would eat for months! My three girls are the sixth generation to continue this tradition. 148729183 Baking Zucchini Bread 148743076 Pizza Time! Taken on my iPhone, so not the best quality. 148743077 Yes, that is... whipped cream. Getting the WHOLE family involved! 148743078 Produce Surveyor Finn, aged two months, examines the fruits of his parents' garden. You must judge for yourself whether he deems them satisfactory! 148825738